Gedore Torque Catalogue
Gedore Torque Tools Catalogue

Gedore Torque Tools Catalogue

“We have supplied tools to every F1 racing team for more than 20 years”

Engineering and manufacturing businesses depend upon the accurate measurement and application of torque to nuts, bolts and all manner of threaded fasteners. Adherence to the correct torque specification ensures process conformity, product quality, product safety and reliability. This can be achieved with torque tools which operate under a slipping mechanism meaning that over-tightening is impossible, a breaking mechanism making over-tightening unlikely, or a clicking mechanism which makes over-tightening possible.

Gedore Torque – experts in the field

Since 1937, Torque Leader has been regarded as the expert in the field of torque application and control, with every tool assembled by hand. Now part of the Gedore group of companies, and renamed Gedore Torque, all products are still designed and built in Britain. The 28,000 square feet site is located in Guildford, Surrey and houses every aspect of the Gedore Torque tools business, including research and development, procurement, manufacturing, assembly, and despatch. An in-house UKAS calibration laboratory ensures the absolute accuracy of every product.

Since Gedore acquired Torque Leader, a multi-million pound investment has seen the most up-to-date manufacturing technology being installed. This commitment to the 70-strong workforce represents the group’s undertaking to keeping this bastion of British precision, firmly on UK soil.

Entitled “The Power of Precision”, edition 1 of the new Gedore Torque Tools catalogue features the complete range of torque measuring, torque application, and torque calibration tools, as well as accessories and some very useful guides and conversion tables. There are also articles ¬†covering the features and benefits of many of the products.

As authorised distributors for Gedore Tools, we are able to offer the complete range for sale at discounted prices. For more information about Gedore Tools, please follow this link, or use our contact form to request your copy of “The Power of Precision”.