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Honeywell are raising awareness of the need for effective hearing protection. Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the most common permanent and preventable injury in the world and, being irreparable and irreversible, it will dramatically affect a person’s quality of life. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines tinnitus as the third most serious non-deadly medical condition for humans. The number of people who have tinnitus in the UK is approximately one in ten (so about 6 million). Tinnitus severely impacts the sufferers quality of life with anxiety, depression, lack of sleep and difficulty concentrating as common complaints.

As tinnitus is more common in older people, with an ageing population, we anticipate the numbers of people with tinnitus also rising.

In the UK alone, some 17,000 people suffer deafness, ringing in the ears or other ear conditions caused by excessive noise at work and not having adequate hearing protection equipment.

Employers must provide proper hearing protective equipment

NIHL is entirely preventable, which is why employers must provide proper hearing protection. Employers have a duty of care and, as part of this, workers need to receive effective training so that they know how to use and fit their hearing protection correctly. In doing so, we can avoid incidents that can be detrimental not only to the individual affected but also to their family and friends.

1 billion young people at risk of hearing loss

Raising awareness of the need for effective hearing protection is paramount, as it can help the workforce of tomorrow. With an estimated 1 billion young people at risk of hearing loss due to recreational exposure to loud sounds, helping workers better understand the personal value of hearing protection is vital. Workers who are more aware of the dangers of NIHL are better placed to advise their own children on exposure to recreational noise so that, when they enter the workforce, they will come with higher expectations of their employers and the protection they should be given.

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Take care of your hearing

‘Take Care of your Hearing’ explains how exposure to one extremely high impulse sound can result in permanently reduced hearing ability and tinnitus. The video follows a metal worker who is exposed to a life-changing incident and underlines the importance of effective training in hearing protection.

The video also underpins Honeywell’s new Hearing Conservation Training Programme, which outlines the consequences of noise exposure, explains the importance of using hearing protection devices properly and the key steps to an effective hearing conservation programme.

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