Managed Inventory

G E Tools Reaches Milestone

During December 2016, G E Tools successfully implemented its 50th managed inventory system at a customer’s premises. This method of controlling stocks, offers highly valuable benefits for customers across a diverse range of industries. Enquire now.

Managed Inventory

Managed Inventory Service

  • Imagine if the consumable products you need to keep your business running efficiently, replenished themselves without you having to even think about it.
  • Imagine never running out of anything ever again.
  • Imagine knowing, in advance, exactly how much your consumables are going to cost.

All of this can be easily achieved with our fully managed inventory control system. Designed to streamline the process of replenishing your stocks, we take on the responsibility for ensuring that you never run out of stock, never have more stock than you would wish, and never pay more than agreed.

Managed Inventory Control System

It works like this. Following an intital discussion, we will prepare a bespoke offering based on an individual customer’s wishes. Many customers begin with a “light” version, so that they can see, day by day, how the system is operating. In essence though, we pre-agree with you those items that you wish to have managed; the maximum quantity you would ever want to hold; the level you would wish to trigger a replenishment; and, of course, the price.

Adaptable Inventory Control

Adaptable to each individual customer’s requirement, the system can be as comprehensive or as minimal as you would like. Generally, our customers get the maximum benefit from adopting a fully automated approach, with our trained envoys visiting site to an agreed schedule. Whilst on site, thery conduct an inventory and housekeeping check of all managed inventory. Following this visit, a requirement list is established which identifies the products which have fallen to or below their agreed minimum level. Once the total requirement has been established, these products can be shipped directly to your stores location. Our envoys will always consider stock rotation when replenishing, and ensure that all managed inventory stock shelf-life is optimised. If you’d like an informal discussion about how your organisation can benefit from this system, please drop us a line, and we’ll do the rest.