JSP Galactus Anti-Mist Safety Glasses Red/Black

JSP Galactus Anti-Mist Safety Glasses Red/Black

£9.06 exc. Vat

  • Anti-scratch and anti-mist lens coating
  • Base 10 Lens
  • Soft Touch Arms
  • Adaptable Nose Bridge
  • Ultra-Light Frame

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Premium safety eyewear and style. The JSP Galactus features base10 curved lenses that follows your facial contours and a mouldable nosebridge system that accommodates a wide range of nosebridge profiles for maximum field-of-view and more protective coverage. The Premiershield anti-mist and anti-scratch coating will ensure you always have superior performance. Meanwhile, the frame that utilises a combination of polymer and TPE that makes lightweight yet robustly strong.



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