Orca M7T75 Deicer Sray 750ML

Orca M7T75 Deicer Sray 750ML

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Orca easy to use de-icer fluid to ensure a clear view

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Orca M7T75 Deicer Sray 750ML


Easy to use de-icer fluid to ensure a clear view.

  • Quickly clears frost & ice
  • Ensure a clear view in winter conditions
  • Easy to use trigger spray

Remove any heavy snow from windscreen/windows before using. Turn nozzle to ‘ON’ position. Spray directly onto windscreen, windows and door mirrors as required. Return nozzle to ‘OFF’ position after use. Do not use inside the vehicle. Avoid prolonged contact with paintwork; wipe off excess with a clean soft cloth


Orca Hygiene

Hygiene in business is more highly valued now than ever before. Operationally critical, it has a profoundly elevated status and operators deserve a profoundly different approach to meet their hygiene needs.

Orca Hygiene was created to do just that; to break the mould in category standards and deliver a refreshing new approach; some have already called it ‘a breath of fresh air’. High quality service with high performance products.

  • Accredited manufacturing standards.

  • UK production for assured supply.

  • Bespoke solutions tailored to our customers needs.

  • Full technical support

Orca Hygiene grew out of a long-established chemicals business, producing adhesives & cleaners, when the global pandemic threatened the lives and livelihoods of our colleagues, customers and business partners. Our ethos is that the safety and wellbeing of those around us comes first. So when adversity struck we met the challenge head on and rapidly turned our chemical manufacturing capability to the production of much needed sanitiser products to help safeguard the businesses around us.

As the importance of good hygiene practices reached new heights, we responded to the growing demands in the industry for more quality British-made product backed up by great service, tailored solutions and full technical support. Our range of disinfectant sprays, wipes and gels expanded and in December 2020 we launched the environmentally groundbreaking bag-in-box concept for hygiene products, dramatically reducing plastic usage.

Orca M7T75 Deicer Sray 750ML

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