Stahlwille 9651 0730 TORSIOTRONIC 3 Electromechanical torque screwdriver, 30-300 cN·m

Stahlwille 9651 0730 TORSIOTRONIC 3 Electromechanical torque screwdriver, 30-300 cN·m

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TORSIOTRONIC 3 Electromechanical torque screwdriver, 30-300 cN·m

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· indicating and click-type · integrated ratcheting bit-holder with 80 teeth that provide a particularly small ratchet angle of only 4.5° and thus enable particularly sensitive working – ideal for hard-to-reach fasteners · after the tool trips, the slip mechanism prevents the preset tightening torque from being inadvertently exceeded, which protects against overtightening · clear display of all the relevant information in a bright, battery-saving colour OLED display – readable at almost any angle · visual assessment of the torqueingp action by means of the traffic light colours in the display and laterally placed LEDs · display in a number of languages · long-lasting battery charge with battery-saving stand-by mode. The rechargeable batteries can be quickly and easily changed. · stores up to 2500 fasteners and sequences for reading out and documenting on the PC later by means of the integrated micro-USB interface · the target torque and tolerances can be individually set to evaluate the readings · easy learning curve thanks to almost self-explanatory controls and an easily understood menu structure · three operating modes (first peak, track, peak hold) · tactile, visual and acoustic trigger signals. · the ergonomically designed convex handle promotes strain-free working and is resistant to oils, grease, fuels, brake fluids and Skydrol · clockwise and anticlockwise operation · with 1/4″ male square drive (6.3 DIN 3120/ISO 1174-1) for 1/4″ sockets · with 1/4″ female square drive in the handle end (6.3 DIN 3120/ISO 1174-1) for attaching a 1/4″ T-bar · units of measure: cN·m, N·m, ft·lb, in·lb, in·oz · included in the set: SENSOMASTER 4 software, USB cable, bit holder, T-bar handle (size 10) · supplied with 3.6 V lithium battery, type 18650, packaged according to UN 3480 · patented · certificate in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017 · in robust plastic case · display deviation value ± 4%



For over 150 years, the STAHLWILLE brand name has stood for a constant drive for perfection. The founder of the company, Eduard Wille, laid down the guiding principle that has been consistently applied by our staff ever since: to develop and produce the best tools possible for and with the customer – nothing less.

Long before “Made in Germany” was used as a guarantee of quality, Eduard Wille recognised that the highest achievable standard of quality was the key to good development and production. At the company’s location in Wuppertal-Cronenberg he set up one of the most modern tool forges in Europe. The products made by him and his team soon earned them an excellent reputation.

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