Trend EASYSCRIBE Spare Graphites (Pack of 10)

Trend EASYSCRIBE Spare Graphites (Pack of 10)

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The Trend EASYSCRIBE is a handheld scribing tool for architrave, skirting, scribing doors, scribing worktops, setting hinge recess depth, etc.

Fitted with an articulated arm that allows the required offset to be set precisely, from 1mm to 40mm, for increased flexibility. It has a thin guide plate (0.5mm) for access into narrow gaps ensuring full versatility. The flat base ensures constant contact for a consistent scribe. Fitted with a knurled foregrip sliding steel guide plate for up to 50mm projection and a thumb wheel for fine adjustment. It marks a narrow pencil line, 0.7mm wide.

Use for a multitude of applications including hanging doors, installing worktops, plinths & skirting, architraves, flooring, window boards, panelling, shop fitting and tiling.

Can be used as a marking gauge.

1 x Pack of 10 Trend EASYSCRIBE Spare Graphites



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Weight 0.024 kg
Dimensions 1.5 × 14.6 × 7.7 cm


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