WD-40 Multi-Use with Flexible Straw 5 Litres

WD-40 Multi-Use with Flexible Straw 5 Litres

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Loosen rusted nuts, keep parts moving, displace moisture, clean and protect with WD-40. Precisely apply it using the smart straw or flip it down for wider coverage.

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WD-40 Multi-Use with Flexible Straw 5 Litres


Precisely apply the iconic WD-40 lubricant in tight spaces such as gears, other mechanism and other uses. With its Spray2Ways technology, you can flip the straw down to place it against the can to have the wide spraying nozzle for when you need greater coverage.

WD-40 has five simple and effective functions:

  • Clean: It gets underneath dirt, marks and grease, so you can easily wipe them away. It also makes labels, tapes and stickers easy to remove
  • Protect: It protects metal surfaces with corrosion-resistance ingredients to shield against moisture and other corrosive elements
  • Lubricates: Keep moving parts going with widely dispersed lubricating ingredients
  • Penetrates: Loosen rusted metal that has bonded and even frozen and rusted parts
  • Displaces Moisture: When power is off, WD-40 can quickly dry out electrical systems to help reduce short circuit that are moisture-induced with its ability to displace moisture

A safety datasheet is available under the Documents tab.




WD-40 Multi-Use with Flexible Straw 5 Litres

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