Spring has arrived, and with the season changing it’s the perfect time to go to into the shed or garage and check if the trusty old mower has made it through another winter. If you’re in the unfortunate situation of needing to replace the old faithful, or are looking to upgrade to fit new circumstances, our handy lawnmower buyers guide will help you to make the right choice to suit your needs.

Lawnmower buyers guide – Lawnmower Types

Most lawnmowers for general garden use come in one of three types, with each having their own benefits and negatives based on how they’re used. The types of lawnmowers are based on how they are powered, which will be either an ‘Electric’, ‘Cordless (Battery Powered)’ or ‘Petrol’. Details of types featured in our lawnmower buyers guide are listed below.


Electric Lawn Mower

An Electric lawn mower is commonly used in most households due to the low cost to buy and run. They are usually suited for lawns up to 100m², which is restricted by the cable attached to the machine. Most electric lawnmowers will run on a standard 240 Volt power supply, with a motor ranging from 1000 to 1800 Watts, giving increased power to the blade below. An electric lawn mower could be considered the best lawn mower for small garden.


  • Small and light which makes them easier to use and store
  • Very reliable and requires little maintenance
  • Electric motor not as loud as other mower types
  • Cheap to buy and run
  • No restrictions on running time


  • Restricted by length of cable attached
  • Requires plugging into the mains
  • Smaller size means reduced power
  • Use on wet grass can cause damage

Cordless (Battery)

Cordless Lawn Mower

A Cordless lawn mower is noticeably similar to an electric lawnmower with a notable exception. The standard power supply is replaced with two 18 Volt Lithium-Ion battery packs, eliminating the need for a cable, allowing for a cordless lawnmower to be used in larger gardens, up to approximately 250m².


  • Small enough for simple storage
  • Easier to manoeuvre with no attached cables
  • Instant starting, no pull cord or plug-in needed
  • Enough power to cover most lawns
  • Battery power reduces noise


  • Battery can run out at any time
  • Takes time to recharge
  • Additional cost of replacement battery
  • Requires careful storage over winter


Petrol Lawn Mower

A Petrol lawnmower is a powerful and heavy duty lawnmower designed for use a very large garden of over 250m². The large blades underneath the machine are powered by a 4 stroke 125 or 135cc petrol engine. The large amount of power produced by the engine allows you to tackle even the most difficult of gardens and provide an even finish. When choosing the best petrol lawn mower for large gardens you will need to consider the points above, and the pros and cons below.


  • More powerful than electric or cordless
  • Cuts down any length of grass
  • Suitable for use in all weather
  • No cables or chargers needed
  • Cheaper to buy than expected


  • Larger size and weight makes storage more difficult
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Additional cost of refuelling engine
  • Loud engine noise when used


After reading our lawnmower buyers guide and before making a final decision, you will have many different points to consider before purchasing. E.g. blade size; which determines the amount of grass being cut in each row. Your budget will be important as you will want to get the best value for money, and you’ll want to pick the right lawnmower to suit your garden and how you’ll want to use it.