G E Tools are delighted to announce a brand-new service available for our customers. Andrew Evans recently gained his CP7 Gas Inspection Certificate, as a result G E Tools can now offer on-site gas testing for Oxy-Fuel gas systems.

Importance of Gas Testing

Gas BottlesOxy-Fuel gas systems are primarily used in industry for welding and flame cutting, while also being used in brazing and flame cleaning and gouging. For anybody using Oxy-Fuel gas in their industry, correct gas testing is of high importance to maintain a safe working environment. It is recommended by the BCGA’s Code of Practice 7 (CP7 – the safe use of oxy-fuel gas equipment) and Guidance Notes 7 (GN7 – the safe use of individual portable or mobile cylinder gas supply equipment) that regulators and flashback arrestors are checked annually by a qualified expert.

Using these gases will come with their own potential hazards which gas testing will identify and help to prevent. This includes spotting, dealing with and prevention of gas leaks. Prevention of backfires and flashbacks which may cause equipment damage or a cylinder explosion. Correct handling, storage and transportation of cylinders which can cause huge risks if not carried out correctly with possibility to explode or leak gas.

Gas Inspection Course

Gas Safety WarningThe two-day Gas IGas Safety Warningnspection Course was provided by Weldability Sif Technology & Training Centre in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire. The course provides a complete training service, enabling participants with a basic understanding of Oxy-Fuel Gas welding to inspect portable Oxy-Fuel cutting and welding gas equipment in accordance with the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 and the British Compressed Gases Association Code of Practice 7 (BCGA CP7).

The qualification covers

  • Hazards of gases
  • Incident case study
  • Cylinder identification
  • Hazards of oils greases & PTFE tape
  • Pressure
  • Oxygen enrichment & deficiency
  • PPE
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Manual Handling
  • Storage & Transport
  • Regulators
  • Backfires & Flashbacks
  • Torches, Nozzles, Hoses
  • Pressure Systems Regulations
  • Practical procedures mobile oxy-fuel systems
  • Safe set up & shut down
  • Annual inspection
  • Test & response papers

Following successful completion of the course, Andy received his  “EAL Certificate of Verified Achievement” and “Compressed Gases Safety Passport to HSE INDG 381” which are valid for 3 years. Along with an identity card and a comprehensive inspection pack which includes a tool kit.

Click here for further details on the CP7 Gas Safety Course.

What G E Tools Can Offer

We’re now able to offer advanced bookings for Andy to fully inspect your premises where Oxy-Fuel gas is in use. Our expert will conduct a thorough functionality and leak test of all components, regulators, flashback arrestors, torches, hoses and other associated fittings.

During the inspection, our expert will be able to offer advice on any of the below criteria.

  • Gas Properties and Hazards
  • Handling Removing and Exchanging
  • Identification, Features and Safe Storage of Cylinders
  • Cylinders
  • Regulator Fitting
  • Gas Supply and Control Equipment
  • Leak Checking
  • Incident Case Study
  • Record Keeping
  • Emergency Procedures and PPE
  • Visual Checks
  • Legislation and Codes of Practice
  • Annual Testing Procedures
  • Safe Set-up and Shut down Procedures
  • Associated Equipment

Our expert advice will be the first step in giving you full compliance with current health and safety regulations with Oxy-Fuel gas systems. Once the inspection is complete, we will provide a full report detailing our findings from the inspection and listing any action to be carried out in accordance with the BCGA’s Code of Practice and Guidance Notes to comply with current Health and Safety Executive regulations. This report will be provided by Email and further contact details will be provided to answer any queries with our findings.

For further information or to book an appointment please contact sales@getools.co.uk or call 01244 846510.