Abus 55/60mm Brass Padlock

Abus 55/60mm Brass Padlock

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Abus 55/60mm Brass Padlock


The ABUS 55 Series Brass Padlocks have inner components made from non-corrosive materials. Pin tumbler cylinder with anti-pick mushroom pins which resists picking, a hardened steel shackle which resists hacksaw attacks and double bolted 30mm and above for increased shackle strength.

Long shackle (HB) version available.

This ABUS 55/60 Brass Padlock has the following specification:

ABUS Security Level: 6.

Shackle Width: 32mm.
Shackle Height: 32mm.
Shackle Diameter: 8mm.

Overall Width: 58mm.
Overall Height: 84mm.
Overall Depth: 16mm.



Abus 55/60mm Brass Padlock

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Weight 0.326 kg
Dimensions 1.6 × 8.4 × 5.8 cm


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