Abus 70IB/50mm Aqua Safe Brass Padlock Carded

Abus 70IB/50mm Aqua Safe Brass Padlock Carded

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Abus 70IB/50mm Aqua Safe Brass Padlock Carded


The ABUS 70IB Series Marine grade padlocks have a solid brass body sealed in a protective vinyl cover with drainage channels to protect the cylinder against water and dirt. The shock absorbing vinyl casing prevents damage to polished surfaces. They have a precision pin tumbler cylinder with a stainless steel shackle and rust-free internal components, for medium security requirements in severe weather and environmental conditions, ideal for securing to vehicles and boats.

The inside parts are made of 100% rust-proof materials and have drainage grooves to carry off penetrating water. They also feature a double bolted shackle and a self locking cylinder.

Codes ending LSC indicate a long shackle.

Keyed alike available.

This ABUS 70IB/50 Aqua Safe Brass Padlock is supplied carded and has the following specification:

ABUS Security Level: 6.

Shackle Width: 23.5mm.
Shackle Height: 26.5mm.
Shackle Diameter: 9mm.

Overall Width: 55mm.
Overall Height: 76mm.
Overall Depth: 31mm.



Abus 70IB/50mm Aqua Safe Brass Padlock Carded

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Weight 0.256 kg
Dimensions 16.6 × 9.4 × 4.2 cm


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