JSP Coverlite Clear Overspecs ASA940-061-300

JSP Coverlite Clear Overspecs ASA940-061-300

£4.37 exc. Vat

  • Modern and stylish Overspec
  • K&N Lens Coating
  • Optically Perfect
  • Pantoscopic Soft Grip Arms
  • Flexible Frame
  • Ultra Lightweight
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The JSP Coverlite Clear Overspecs are a great eye protection solution for fitting over the wearer’s prescription glasses. They provide a modern and stylish look with a thinner profile, unlike many of the bulkier traditional overspecs. They help to reduce wearer fatigue with a lightweight body of just 34 grams, while conforming to standard EN 166.

The pantoscopic soft grip arms is what allows the overspecs the ability to be angled above prescription eyewear with a secure and comfortable fit. They are equipped with the K-rated K&N lens coating for superior anti-scratch resistance, while given the wearer optimal vision with minimum curve.



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