JSP Force 10 Typhoon Full Face Mask Medium

JSP Force 10 Typhoon Full Face Mask Medium

£73.33 exc. Vat

  • Compatible with PressToCheck Filters
  • Typhoon exhalation valve for Reduced breathing resistance
  • Engineered for easy maintenance

  • One of the lightest full face masks available
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JSP Force 10 Typhoon Full Face Mask Medium


The JSP Force 10 Typhoon EN136 full-face masks are an extremely lightweight form of protection that is compatible with the award-winning PressToCheck filters that ensure its users there is a good seal. The full-face mask is based on research carried out by NIOSH under ISO16976-2 to establish the most common facial shapes. JSP has utilised this research to create a full-face mask with maximum compatibility.

The web-like structure of the mask allows cradling of the wearer’s head ensuring comfort that lasts throughout the working day. The Typhoon exhalation valve has been designed to reduce breathing resistance as well as heat and moisture build ups, further increasing convenience. The mask can operate in very low temperatures, tested at -40?C.

Engineered for easy maintenance, disassembly, cleaning and maintenance is effortless with replacement parts available should the need arise.



JSP Force 10 Typhoon Full Face Mask Medium

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