Knipex Combination Pliers PVC Grip 160mm (6.1/4in)

Knipex Combination Pliers PVC Grip 160mm (6.1/4in)

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Knipex Combination Pliers PVC Grip 160mm (6.1/4in)


The Knipex 03 01 series traditional combination pliers are equipped with hardened cutting edges for hard or soft wire up to 2.5mm diameter.

The pliers have all the signs of Knipex technology and quality. The oil hardened and tempered construction will give these pliers a longer working life.

Knipex 03 01 series combination pliers have separately induction hardened cutting edges that are hardened to approximately 60HRc. They have polished heads and PVC dipped handles.

These Knipex pliers have gripping zones for flat and round material. This gives the pliers added grip and makes them ideal for home use, DIY or trade applications. They come in 160, 180 and 200mm versions.

These Knipex Combination Pliers ;have the following specification:

Length: 160mm (6.1/4in).
Cutting Capacity: Hard: 2.0mm, Medium Hard: 3.1mm, Multi-Strand: 9.0mm.



Knipex Combination Pliers PVC Grip 160mm (6.1/4in)

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Weight 0.208 kg
Dimensions 1.9 × 21.5 × 8.4 cm


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