Stahlwille 732A/10.5/8 Ring insert tool size 5/8″

Stahlwille 732A/10.5/8 Ring insert tool size 5/8″

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Ring insert tool size 5/8″

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· Size of mount 9x12mm



For over 150 years, the STAHLWILLE brand name has stood for a constant drive for perfection. The founder of the company, Eduard Wille, laid down the guiding principle that has been consistently applied by our staff ever since: to develop and produce the best tools possible for and with the customer – nothing less.

Long before “Made in Germany” was used as a guarantee of quality, Eduard Wille recognised that the highest achievable standard of quality was the key to good development and production. At the company’s location in Wuppertal-Cronenberg he set up one of the most modern tool forges in Europe. The products made by him and his team soon earned them an excellent reputation.

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