Our response to the Covid-19 pandemic

When we heard of the virus affecting the Chinese province of Wuhan for the very first time late in 2019, we could not have imagined what was to follow. In hindsight, it’s fair to say that some nations were better prepared than others for the long-predicted pandemic. As soon as cases were confirmed in the UK, we began to implement the plan that we had drawn up for that eventuality. Our first priority was to safeguard our team members, and to ensure we were taking thorough precautions when interacting with customers and suppliers. We knew that some of our customers would be in the front line of the defence against the virus, and we knew that they would need us to be available.

As a result, we have a core team operating from Deeside including customer advisors together with warehouse & logistics. Although we are running with reduced capacity, the vast majority of our customers are receiving comparable levels of service to “normal” times. Our retail store in Rhyl has been converted to a trade counter operation, and is open between 1:00 and 5:00 each weekday afternoon (closed at weekends). Our accounts function is also operating from Rhyl.

Many of our customers have bought PPE from us for a very long time. Understanding our responsibility, we have redoubled our efforts and developed new supply routes to ensure that we are able to satisfy demand as much as possible in the current pandemic, where demand has outstripped supply on a global scale. Sadly, there are many sub-standard items of PPE being offered for sale currently. We have taken very great care to ensure that the products we are offering, conform fully to international standards.

Many of our PPE products are available directly from this website. Please follow the “Products” link on the site’s menu for full details.

We will continue to adapt and evolve as Government guidance changes, and will always be here to support our customers through this difficult time.