Guhring Online Academy Keeping up to date with the technological developments in metal cutting just became a little easier! German cutting tool manufacturer Guhring have released an online academy which enables training via a desktop PC, or directly in the workshop using an iPad app. Registration is required to access the system, but this is achieved with a simple application form. Seconds after it has been submitted, an email is received from Guhring confirming the username, and a link is provided to set a password.

Once registered and logged in, the system is split into easily navigated “projects” with individual training modules provided within each of them. Currently the available projects are listed as:-

  • Drilling Tools (7 training modules)
  • Milling Tools (6 training modules)
  • Threading Tools (5 training modules)
  • Reaming Tools (7 training modules)
  • Grooving Tools (3 training modules)
  • PCD (3 training modules)

Guhring Threading Tools (Part 2)

Each of the modules is split into individual elements as can be seen in part 2 of “Threading Tools” above. Individual elements cover specific areas of tool selection and application in detail. The Guhring online academy is aimed at upskilling individuals already working in the metal machining industry, and is a valuable resource whether or not they are using Guhring tools currently. The academy is available without charge, and can be accessed here.