Ambersil Launch >90% Alcohol Multi Surface Decontamination Aerosol


One of our longest standing supply partners, Ambersil, part of the global CRC Industries group, have just released a true game changer in surface decontamination. Their >90% Alcohol Multi Surface Decontamination Aerosol is highly effective against bacterial and viral infection. The product evaporates in a short time leaving no residue. It needs no rinsing, and no wiping (though wiping with a paper towel might be a little quicker).

The product is available in a 400ml aerosol, and is an extremely high alcohol content spray (>90% alcohol) which removes germs and viruses from hard surfaces. With excellent material compatibility, Multi Surface Decontamination Aerosol can be used on high touch-point surfaces, to quickly remove dirt, grime and more, leaving the surface residue free, with no water rinse required.


  • Use as a pre- and post-work area hygiene cleaner
  • Keep vehicle interiors clean: steering wheel, buttons, door handles, seats & switches
  • Decontaminates mask & safety hat fitting harness (apply to cloth & wipe)
Industrial Engineering
  • Forklift truck & warehouse manual handling equipment decontamination
  • Production line controls (not touch screens)
  • Keeps tools & work stations clean
  • Use on door handles, light switches, and other high-touch point surfaces
  • Decontaminate parcels and deliveries
  • Workplace shared spaces: canteens (non-food surfaces), corridors, doors, & rest-rooms

Ambersil was founded over 60 years ago, and began manufacturing products developed to meet the most exacting standards of industry. The Ambersil brand provides engineers and maintenance professionals with exceptional product quality and performance, whilst maximising value for money.

Being part of the global CRC Industries group means they have an excellent understanding of the chemical industry and global marketplace. Utilising these global connections allows Ambersil to rapidly develop and bring to market new, tested products, setting them apart from their competitors. It is this agility that first drew our attention to Ambersil nearly 30 years ago.

This surface decontamination aerosol, as well all of their products, undergo stringent quality control tests at every stage of product production. Ambersil’s in-house technical specialists assist with the design, manufacture and testing of all products in a purpose built blending and production facility. Like us, they are ISO 9001:2015 certified, so you can feel confident that Ambersil products will produce “right first time” results every time.

Organisations including  MoD, NATO, Rolls Royce, Ford, Rail Operators, Boeing, NSF and many more use Ambersil products, further serving to illustrate the high performance and reliability of their products.

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