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During these unprecedented times, manufacturers will be looking at innovative and creative ways of maintaining production efficiencies whilst ensuring the safety of their employees.  The tooling industry has seen a surge in the demand for tool control solutions as more manufacturers understand the true cost implications of down-time and production inefficiencies.  In the current climate, manufacturers are also likely to see an increase in audits by their customers, and traceability of products line-side is normally a factor discussed.  This particularly applies within the Food and Beverage Industry as they are responsible for ensuring that their products do not get contaminated and the consequences of getting this wrong could have a severe impact on businesses.

Companies are under significant pressure to maintain the highest safety standards from their customers.  It is therefore vital that manufacturers have the right tools in the right locations to help aid employee and production efficiencies.

Stanley Black & Decker have market leading brands that are renowned worldwide.  They are always looking at ways to innovate and help aid the end user to improve productivity, whilst ensuring that health and safety procedures are followed.   They work with manufacturers to ensure that the right product is used as well as ensuring that the customer is aware of any new products available that may be more suitable to the task being carried out.

Stanley Black & Decker’s Industrial Technical Team are also on hand to support with site visits to review storage requirements and foam inlays to countersink the tools into.  This type of storage solution means that it is quicker and more efficient for managers to audit the tools to ensure that they have not been misplaced, lost/left on the production line or taken home by engineers – a practice that’s not unknown in the industry, and creates a high risk of contamination.  With the extra focus on compliance, companies could also consider introducing a clear method statement for engineers so that if a tool breaks, the engineer will write a report clearly stating what has happened and where it happened so that a full risk assessment can be carried out.

We work collaborativley with our partners at Stanley Black & Decker, who support us so that we can provide total traceability of tools for our customers.  This ranges from toolboxes and shadow boards to working at height tooling solutions. Stanley Black & Decker are constantly evolving and developing new technologies which fundamentally help change the face of maintenance in the modern world. It’s key that we also understand these technologies and use them to create value for our customers.

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