Due to the increased awareness of plastic pollution in recent years, there is a growing demand and a genuine drive in the market to find innovative ways to deal with plastic waste. Consumers expect more from manufacturers who are responding to environmental challenges by inventing or reinventing the way they produce everyday items. The glove industry is no different, and our colleagues at PolycoHealthline are hard at work designing, sourcing, prototyping and launching new greener more sustainable solutions for the PPE industry. Their latest innovation is their Polyflex® Eco range of gloves.

Polyflex Eco - From Bottles to GlovesPolyflex Eco - From Bottles to Gloves
Polyflex Eco
Polyflex Eco - Green Credentials

The NEW Polyflex® Eco range introduces a more sustainable way of glove manufacturing. Plastic bottles are commonly made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is highly recyclable. PolycoHealthline use post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The plastic water bottles are broken down into small pellets, which are then spun into yarn. The plastic bottles then start their second life cycle as a glove liner material. And the result is 1x500ml plastic bottle = 1xPolyflex® Eco pair.

The gloves are certified by the Global Recycled Standard, which validates recycled fibre content claims and composition.

✓ Less virgin material ✓ Less oil consumption ✓ Less CO₂ emission ✓ Less water used

Every step of the way, the Polyflex® Eco range of gloves is offering environmental benefits. Through the entire life journey of the glove, PolyFlex® Eco will have less of an impact on our planet.

  • Step 1.
    Post-consumer plastic bottles (made from P.E.T, Polyethylene terephthalate) are sourced from government recycling collection facilities close to the factory location.

  • Step 2.
    Bottles are brought back to the yarn processing facility, where they are cleaned, stripped of labels, and ‘shredded’.

  • Step 3.
    These ‘flakes’ are then re-extruded and spun into a yarn. This yarn is combined with nylon and spandex to make it comfier.

  • Step 4.
    The Polyflex® Eco liner gets palm dipped in either foamed nitrile, or sandy latex. Both have been specially formulated to make sure the glove lasts as long as possible.

  • Step 5.
    Here they are packed up in plastic free packaging and shipped out to us in the UK.

The 1st reusable glove in the market made from recycled plastic bottles.