Beta ToolsA name synonymous with high quality and a passion for hand tools, Beta Tools is Italy’s leading brand in the design and production of professional working tools and instruments.
With a huge catalogue of over 14000 products to choose from including stainless steel, anti-spark, chemical, abrasive and height safe products Beta provide everything you need for an off the shelf, ready to go tooling solution.
Over 80 years of manufacturing in Italy has built Beta’s reputation for premium design and forward thinking. Beta Tools’ UK subsidiary have also been leading the market in providing bespoke solutions into manufacturing and production for years.
As tool industry customers have adapted and changed over the years, so have Beta Tools UK. As more tailor-made solutions have been sought after, Beta’s workshop and 5S solutions are personalised to the specific requirements of the user. This includes everything from choosing the tools, how they are stored, workstations, food grade foam inlays, tool etching, electronic locking (access control) check sheets and shadow boards for tool audit and control. Thanks to Beta’s experience and success in the food industry they are able to offer advice and work personally with customers to aid them towards being fully 5S compliant. Beta also understand the importance of processes and audits so are able to provide and guide within these frame works.
The processes that Beta have developed over the last few years place them perfectly to adapt to the new working environment we now all face. The Manufacturing Industry will be operating in a new era of increased compliance to safety practices, more stringent tool control solutions, increased auditing and new no-share tooling processes. G E  Tools have tried and tested solutions to all the challenges the new working world will bring and are available to provide a personalised bespoke service with the help of our partners at Beta Tools.