Block background noise. Open up your options.

Honeywell Safety ProductsComfortable, cohesive, and effective hearing protection with Honeywell Sync™ Wireless Headset Range. This product delivers premium noise protection combined with a streamlined design that allows easy control of the mobile devices or built in FM radio with the touch of a button, even if the user is wearing bulky gloves. Making phone calls and listening to audio files is no longer a hassle, but a simple procedure. Day-to-day operation is easy too – the product’s ergonomic design includes one-handed access to volume controls and flashing lights that indicate alerts at a glance. The end result? An intuitive, effective, and user-friendly interface. No more fumbling around. Clear communication and safety are never  compromised with Honeywell Sync™ Wireless Headset. Although users can listen to their mobile devices through Bluetooth™  or built-in FM radio, they get high passive  noise protection, which protects against up  to 90% of workplace noise in applications such as those found in the construction, agriculture, and forestry industries. But the  important sounds of the workplace – like  alarms, warning signals, and co-worker’s  voices – are possible to hear at safe levels.
Go ahead. Keep your gloves on. Get  Sync Wireless Earmuffs to block out  the noise and open up your options.

Noise-induced hearing loss rarely happens overnight. Rather, it accumulates over time with every unprotected exposure to hazardous noise. We are born with around 30,000 hair cells in each ear. Above 80 decibels (for 8 hours), noise can destroy these hair cells and gradually lead to hearing loss. This hearing loss is sadly irreversible, but it is entirely preventable.
To help HSE managers develop and deploy effective and suitable Hearing Loss Prevention programs for their environment, Howard Leight offers a wide range of solutions: innovative products, advice, educational and training tools, and on-site fit testing to ensure that hearing protectors fit the wearer. The Howard Leight brand is a global leader in passive and intelligent hearing protection.
Let’s put an end to hearing loss! Choose the hearing protection that suits you best and that you can wear comfortably 100% of the time when you are exposed to noise.

  • Provides suitable protection in 90% of all work environments while allowing for hear through and situational awareness.

  • Greater than 50 hours of battery life and batteries are easily replaceable AAs

  • Intuitive pairing as Bluetooth™ functionality easily syncs with mobile phones (iOS™ and Android™)

  • Connect wirelessly, answer calls, and stream information from your mobile phone.

  • Easy push-button connectivity to any Bluetooth® device.

  • Robust boom microphone with windsock for voice clarity in high-noise environments.

  • Lithium Ion battery featuring 16+ hours of battery life while streaming.

  • Volume control buttons and flashing colored lights visually indicate different settings.

  • High passive attenuation SNR 32.

  • No battery replacement required; includes USB cable and wall charger.

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