AmbersilAnyone who works in the food, beverage, or pharmaceutical industry will know how tough audits can be. These audits include a section relating to reducing the contamination risks associated with maintenance products – that is why the Ambersil ‘Food Processing Safe®’ (FPS) range of maintenance chemicals are all NSF registered, for proven compliance. When it comes to maintenance chemical selection – a vital but often ignored part of the maintenance sales pitch – the Ambersil FPS range is the most comprehensive in the UK.

With over 30 products available in their MRO chemical range for food & beverage processing, packing and equipment, Ambersil offers a “Complete Chemical Solution™” for day-to-day maintenance applications.

The aerosols in the food processing safe range are fitted with Perma-Lock, a 2-way integrated actuator, with no detachable pieces that can fall off, leading to contamination of goods and exposing food manufacturers and processors to costly recalls.

Ambersil also offers a free of charge resource to keep your food facility compliant: GREENLIGHT™. Intended to prevent chemicals being used in areas where the risk of contamination is significant, Greenlight utilises a traffic-light colour scheme to identify which MRO chemical products are authorised for use in various facility areas.  By implementing GREENLIGHT™, it proves measures are in place for HACCP, HSE and Audit controls. This service is carried out by one of Ambersil’s expert factory-trained territory sales managers. (please contact us for more details.)

All the products in the Ambersil “food processing safe” range are NSF registered, providing users peace of mind that chemical risks have been minimised. Whether it is specific processing lubricants or general maintenance cleaners, the Ambersil product range provides a complete chemical solution for leading brands around the world. Perma-Lock, Greenlight and NSF combined to provide a complete chemical solution, keeping your facility compliant.

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