Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 with Uvex Phynomic Silv-Air Gloves

As the country gradually returns to a sense of normality, COVID-19 remains a threat with European countries reporting a rise in cases and announcing fresh lockdowns. Therefore, we must continue to counter the spread. That’s why we’ve added the new Uvex Phynomic Silv-Air gloves to our constantly growing range of PPE products.

The reusable gloves use a sustainable and distinctive antimicrobial technology called HeiQ Viroblock. It’s really a combination of two HeiQ technologies. The first is HeiQ’s patented silver technology that is already world-renowned for its antibacterial protection, deactivating up to 99.9% of bacteria after five minutes (below). The other is HeiQ’s patent-pending vesicle technology that effectively acts as a booster that mechanically destroys viruses.


The solution is highly effective against COVID-19 coronavirus and works by emitting positively charged silver ions that attracts negatively charged microbes then attacks them. Although the virus is enveloped by a protective membrane, the vesicle technology targets it, giving the silver ions the green light to attack, breaking the chains of transmission.

HeiQ Viroblock treated fabrics stops the chain of transmission

Why Not Just Wear Disposable Gloves?

Many doctors, including the Chief Medical Officer have advised against wearing disposable gloves. This is because of the false sense of security they can fabricate when in reality they can often be worse than bare hands, spreading COVID-19 and other pathogens unknowingly.

The Uvex Phynomic Silv-Air gloves don’t just protect you and your employees. They are also a great cost-effective and sustainable solution. They can be washed up to five times at 40°C without affecting their antibacterial properties that will drastically cut down on the numbers of disposable gloves being discarded.

Disposable gloves are also often uncomfortable. Uvex’s Phynomic Silv-Air gloves meanwhile are manufactured from high quality, lightweight and breathable fabric. It is also hypoallergenic. Certified as safe, the gloves are a great solution for allergy sensitive wearers for an all-round comfortable and reassuring experience.

Touchscreens are also a a problem with disposable gloves as well as non-disposable gloves. But with the Uvex Phynomic Silv-Air, this isn’t a problem, while reducing the need to sanitise each time. This is a great benefit for use in the retail and hospitality sectors.

Check Out the Gloves

You can purchase the Uvex Phynomic Silv-Air gloves in singles as well as the more cost-effective 10 and 40 packs.

If you require further information on the Uvex Phynomic Silv-Air Gloves, chat to our experienced customer service team on 01244 836968 or email us via [email protected]

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