Your Safety Matters – Lock Out Tag Out case study.

The aim of a lockout, tagout, tryout survey (LOTO) is to provide an expert eye on your plant to highlight any areas that could benefit from some safety improvements through the lockout, tagout, tryout method.

Providing a gap analysis on practical applications, products you maybe missing, scenario discussions to allow a discussion for overlooked areas and process/procedural questions to ultimately strengthen your safety offering through electrical and mechanical isolation.

Did you know? Contact with moving machinery is still in the fatal 6. Your safety matters!

In the US, it remains the 5th most common cause of incident. The US and UK are governed by strict regulations to isolate safely.

G E Tools Ltd, in partnership with Spectrum Industrial, began talks with Alpla Group in reference to their current Lockout Tagout procedures, process & products.

It was established that an on site gap analysis audit would be beneficial to provide a bespoke LOTO solution for the team. After initial conversations, a walk round the site and an understanding of the vision from the clients point of view were completed, GE Tools and Spectrum offered a solution.

This was to:

  • Heavily utilize the use of Group Lock Boxes on each piece of machinery (x52). Guaranteeing each operative the opportunity to remove their own lock and control their own safety.
  • Implement x10 portable Lockout/Permit stations to control stock, product availability and task control.

Here was the manufacturing process


The result

The Alpla Group have been very satisfied with the quality of the process, product and overall service received through Spectrum and G E Tools respectively.

They have increased safety on site and streamlined the management process of all tasks on site from isolation to production.

Here are the final branded results of our collaboration


What next?

If you have any questions or would like to organise a no obligation site survey, please contact our team on 01244 836968 or [email protected]

More information on our range of lockout, tagout (LOTO) equipment can be found via the link below.

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